Can You Save Pancake Batter? Find The Best Way!

Can You Save Pancake Batter

I always tend to make more pancake batter than I need. It’s usually because I find it difficult to alter the proportions in the instructions at the back of the box of instant mixes or even a recipe book.

Even though you can make it from scratch, it’s hard to make a batter that will only be enough for one cake, which my diet insists all I can eat. There’ll always be some batter left over and you’d often feel that preserving it is better than cooking it. But can you save pancake batter?

Pancake BatterAre there any complete newbies in the kitchen here? Wouldn’t be surprised if there are since pancakes are one of the easiest recipes anyone can make, not to mention convenient. I never had to do anything in the kitchen until I went to university and started living on my own.

I definitely would’ve been classified as one of those people who were utterly clueless in the kitchen who couldn’t tell ladle from a spatula.

So what’s a pancake batter? Once you have combined all the ingredients, you will have a liquid mixture which you’ll have to cook. This is what we call the batter. It’s the term for any resulting liquid mix you get by combining ingredients prior to cooking.

Storage Ideas

If you want to say your leftover pancake batter, you can either freeze it or chill it. Here’s how:

Best Way To Freeze A Pancake Batter

Can You Save Pancake Batter

Freezing a pancake batter isn’t difficult at all. All you have to do is find a clean plastic or zip lock bag in your kitchen. Here’s what you should do:

1. Pour the pancake the batter you have into the bag.

2. Make sure to pour in enough for just one serving. Freezing and thawing multiple times can expedite spoiling so it is best to thaw only what you can consume.

3. Roll the bag to form a cone and secure with tapes or rubber to hold the shape.

4. Get rid of any excess air before sealing it tightly and freezing.

Deeply frozen pancake batter can last in the freezer for up to two months or more.

Best Way To Store Pancake Batter In The Fridge

Can You Save Pancake Batter

If you are not planning to keep your batter for any more than a day or two, you can just chill it in the fridge to save yourself the trouble of thawing. Here’s the best to store it in the fridge:

1. Pour your leftover batter into a plastic container with a lid.

2. Cover the container with a layer of plastic wrap to add an extra layer of protection to the batter and to prevent air from seeping in.

3. Place the lid of the container over the plastic wrap. It is best if you have an airtight container.

4. Place it in the coldest part of your fridge.You can store this batter for a couple of days.

How To Prepare Your Stored Pancake Batter For Cooking

Can You Save Pancake Batter

It’s easy to use your frozen batter whenever you need it, and more convenient especially if you’re always running out of time. All you really have to is take it out of the freezer when you’re ready to use it and place it in a bowl full of warm water for a quicker thaw.

If you’re going to use it right away, you can simply move it down to the fridge overnight, and it will be just about ready for you to use in the morning.

Important Tips:

Before you decide to refrigerate or freeze your pancake, there are a few things you really should take note of. Here are the important ones you should know before you start doing anything:

1. Since pancake batters that are not used immediately tend to make less fluffy pancakes, you can add egg white or a bit of baking soda to the mix before cooking. This will help restore the fluffiness in your pancake.

2. Since you are storing it in a cone-shaped bag, you can easily make fun shapes with the mix. This is particularly useful if you have kids around the house.

3. Pancake Batter that has egg whites mixed into it does not freeze well. It will cause the batter to separate and even if you try to mix it again, it’ll never blend back in.

Can You Save A Pancake Batter?

Can You Save Pancake Batter

The quick answer is yes, you definitely can. Simply follow these tips to best store your pancake batter and use it for future use. It is best to use egg free pancake recipes if you are planning to store it for future use.

If your pancake has eggs already added into it, then sad to say, but the answer is you shouldn’t store it anymore. A separated batter is not going to make even decent pancakes, which is what you’ll get from storing egg containing batters.

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