How And When To Apply BBQ Sauce

How And When To Apply BBQ Sauce

For some people, it is almost impossible to eat a piece of meat without sauce. BBQ sauces add so much of a difference to the way we eat meat, and that is a fact. But using BBQ sauce can either be a complicated task or something simple, depending on how you look at it.

For starters, there are actually a couple of ways that barbecue sauces can be used, (which we will get into later). 

But also, you’ll need to know the right and appropriate situations in which you can use barbecue sauce. Since there are many different types of meats too, knowing how and when becomes something worth knowing about if you are interested in grilling and cooking. 

Below are the three most common types of meat that are used when cooking a barbeque, along with the best type of sauces to apply and when to do so. 

With Pork

Pork ribs are usually one of the biggest symbols of a barbecue, and it’s no surprise. Pork happens to be as adaptable as beef with the combination of sauces and styles that go well with the meat.

Probably one of the hardest things to do in the BBQ world is cooking pork ribs. Ask anyone who takes it seriously. However, the sauce part is one of the easiest, simply because it gets applied at the end of the process. Go for something like a honey-garlic type of sauce if you like that nice sweet taste.

The best sauces to apply to pork are almost always going to be something on the sweeter side, rather than smoky. It’s also advised to not coat the pork meat anywhere near as much as the chicken and beef. Again, the best thing to do when considering pork is to let it cook first, and then apply the sauce later.

Since there are lots of different types of pork meals and ways of cooking pork, barbecue sauces are best applied to grilled pork. Again, ribs are a fantastic way of bringing this meat to a barbeque scene and are a crowd favorite. 

With Chicken

High in protein, chicken is arguably the most popular meat in the world. Fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonald’s make huge profits with their chicken nuggets and burgers. Obviously, KFC is the king of chicken here, but you get the point. 

Regardless of the health issues associated with fast food, there is simply no denying chicken’s diversity and influence on the world of food.

Unlike other meats though, chicken doesn’t really get as much attention when it comes to the use of sauces. That is because there aren’t many combinations that people like with chicken compared to, say, pork.

Most people say that the best type of sauce to be used with chicken is stuff that is thick. A juicy, vinegar-type sauce is good, and you really want to coat it all around. Apply some during the start, but then also continue to coat as it is being cooked.

The main thing is that you want it to cook evenly, ensuring that nothing gets burned obviously. Using a satay-type sauce is often ideal with chicken. Some people believe that chicken is the only meat that works with a satay sauce.

With Beef

Probably next in line to chicken in the world of meats is beef. Beef is very diverse meat too, meaning that some methods in applying sauce might be loved by some and hated by others. 

With beef, it is almost always about applying the sauce early. With your raw beef, a common tactic is by getting a sharp knife and doing some nice thin cuts around the top. This allows the sauce to really droop in and get inside adding the ultimate flavor. 

Beef is also best when cooking for a long time, usually for several hours. About every hour or when you feel necessary, go back in to add some more sauce. 

What type of sauce to use? Anything that is sort of sticky and sweet. Sauces that are classed as “smoky” are widely used too. Again, beef is good at matching a lot of sauces and it can be hard to go wrong sometimes so it’s good to try out all sorts of things and see what you like the most.

Beef is often seen in a lot of different BBQ competitions, so if you’re after competition-level sauces and rubs, head to 403 BBQ.

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Never forget to experiment when cooking a barbecue, as the only way to figure out if you are going to like something is by testing different sauces and methods of cooking.

A good start for a beginner is choosing beef, as it is not too hard to cook compared to others and can suit a variety of different sauces. On the other hand, chicken is for those who are experienced and like a challenge. 

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