How Much Is A Gas Stove?

Gas stove is one of the most important kitchen appliances we almost need every day to have our food perfectly cooked. Gas stoves carry several benefits to make your kitchen time easier and quicker.

While purchasing a good gas stove for your kitchen, the price might become a great barrier. This article attempts to provide you with a clear idea of how much a gas stove can be and other necessary issues. So, let’s dive in.

How Much Does A Gas Stove Cost?

Prices of gas stoves vary depending upon several factors. Some of the considerations are the size of the oven, the surface of the oven top, gas stove pots and pans included or not, advanced features for self-cleaning, burner numbers and many more.

If you buy a gas stove carrying a single burner, it will cost lower than a stove with two or three burners.

Moreover, some gas stoves possess premium quality features such as self-cleaning. You have to spend more money to purchase such gas stoves.

The average cost of a gas stove ranges from $300 to $2,200. 

You can purchase gas stoves at a higher rate as well. But it would be a bit difficult to get a quality gas stove at a lower price. You can go for renowned brands for quality gas stove collections from sites like Amazon.

How Long Do Gas Stoves Last? 

Generally, gas stoves last longer than electric stoves. A gas stove can last for 12 to 15 years, whereas an electric stove lasts 2 to 5 years less than a gas stove. The longevity depends on how you take care of it. 

If you clean the stove, it will last longer after every cooking or at least once a day. Also, you need to check out whether the gas burners are okay or not regularly.

Gas Stove or Electric Stove- Which One Is Better?

Both gas and electric stoves are equally competent for making your kitchen life a bit easier. However, there are some basic differences between them.

Pros of Gas Stove

When you turn on the gas stove, you will get the instant flame for cooking. No electric hassle is there. The flame gets produced from natural gas, so you can easily and quickly have your food cooked. So if your house already has natural gas sets, you no longer need extra energy.

Cons of Gas Stove

On the contrary, if your house does not have a gas line facility, setting up a gas stove costs you huge money. Also, the gas leakage problem can cause dangerous consequences in the long run.

Pros of Electric Stove

An electric stove is stylish enough, having a glassy and sleek cooktop. It is easy to clean up without taking the gas burner away from the stove. Again, for cleaning purposes, you need not face any problems with gas nozzles.

One of the main benefits of an electric stove is that this stove provides a handsome space beneath the surface, which you can not get from a gas stove.

Cons of Electric Stove

Electric stoves also possess some disadvantages. Such as, cooking is slow and takes more time on an electric stove than on a gas stove. It is quite difficult to remove and clean from the glass cooktop if sugar spills.

Which one is better?

Both stoves have some advantages and disadvantages. You can not mark one stove more than the other. So, it is wise to choose the best-suited stove for your kitchen, considering all the relevant factors.


So, now you probably have an idea about how much a gas stove is, right. Actually, the price of a stove depends upon so many factors related to its materials and usage. The case is the same with a gas stove.

Pick the one that will best fulfill all the needs of your kitchen life. Best of luck.

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