Chocolate Caliente: Mexican Hot Chocolate Abuelita

Mexican Hot Chocolate Abuelita

In Mexico, preparing hot chocolate is not only a tradition but also a kind of art. Everyone who has tried the Mexican version of this globally popular sweet drink has liked it. The reason for that lays in their choice of the main ingredient – the chocolate.

Namely, they do not use the dark, overwhelming chocolate that is used in most parts of the world, but rather chocolate which is milder and appeals to everyone.

Moreover, special ingredients such as cinnamon, create a refreshing flavor that is quite comforting and stimulating at the same time. If you happen to be in Mexico, be sure to visit their supermarkets and stock up on tablets of rustic chocolate de mesa- this is table chocolate they use to prepare the authentic Mexican hot chocolate.

The most sought for and liked brand is Mexican hot chocolate Abuelita which is produced by the Nestle company. It is made of cacao paste and sugar, but has just the right amount of cinnamon too!

Read on to find out more about the Mexican version of this great winter delight, and to learn what is the best way to prepare Mexican hot chocolate Abuelita!

What Is The Best Way To Prepare Mexican Hot Chocolate Abuelita

mexican hot chocolate abuelita

Now that you have hopefully felt persuaded by us and succeeded in finding the tablets of rustic chocolate de mesa, we will teach you how to make the best Mexican hot chocolate Abuelita. It is quite a simple process but has to be done properly as to achieve the best results and enjoy the tasty and authentic Mexican hot chocolate at your home.

You Will Need

● Two tablets of Mexican table chocolate Abuelita (one tablet weighs around 3 ounces)
● Four cups of milk (this is around 1 liter, we personally prefer the whole milk as it helps to achieve the creamy and smooth texture, but those who have to mind the calorie intake can use the low-fat milk as well)
● Cutting board
● Sharp knife
● Saucepan
● Blender*

The Preparation Process

When you unpack the tablets of chocolate de mesa, you will notice that they are divided into wedges. Use the cutting board and a sharp knife to separate these wedges as they will be easier to dissolve once we get down to business. They do not have to be perfectly even; you are going to melt them anyway!

Now it is time to heat the milk. To do so, turn your stovetop to medium heat, pour the milk into the saucepan and cook it until the first small bubbles start to appear on the surface. When you notice these bubbles, add the wedges of chocolate and continue cooking while stirring all the time slowly.

The milk should not boil, so if you notice it starting to boil, reduce the heat, and remove it from the stovetop for a couple of minutes- do not stop stirring it during this time. When temperature drops, return the saucepan with milk and chocolate to the heat. Stir for another minute or two and take the pan off the stovetop.

You can simply drink the hot chocolate at this point, but we recommend that you use a blender to create a degree of frothiness that will make Mexican hot chocolate Abuelita a real treat for your palate. To do so pour half of the mixture into the blender and turn it on for thirty seconds. Repeat the same with the other half and then pour the chocolate into the clay mugs to serve to your loved ones.

If you notice that some solids settle in the cup, do not panic, you have not done anything wrong nor is your chocolate bad, this is a normal thing regardless of how well you blend milk and chocolate. To prevent this, you can serve the Mexican hot chocolate with a teaspoon, or even better- a cinnamon stick. In this way, people can stir the chocolate from time to time and not allow it to settle.

The Wealth Of Information: Additional Tips And Information Regarding Mexican Hot Chocolate Abuelita

mexican hot chocolate abuelita

Now that you know how to use chocolate de mesa to make delicious Mexican hot chocolate Abuelita, we will offer you some advice and additional information that will help you turn this hot drink into anything you like.

● Use the traditional Mexican utensil called molinillo to create some smooth and extra delicious espuma, or froth. This utensil serves only that purpose but often looks very decorative as well.

Using it is quite simple, just insert it into the hot chocolate once you pour it into the cup and take the handle between your palms. Start spinning the handle back and forth quickly for as long as it takes to create the desired amount of froth. The process never takes more than a few minutes, but you need to be patient and persistent!

Another alternative, if you cannot get a hold of molinillo, is a regular wire whisk. In fact, you do not even need a single utensil- you can create espuma by using two cups only- just pour the hot chocolate back and forth until the froth forms.
Of course, the easiest way is to use the already mentioned modern appliances such as the blender or a portable electric mixer.

● If you cannot find Abuelita brand, there are other commercial brands of chocolate de mesa that are equally as good. After all, it is interesting to explore different tastes and aromas. In the end, you might like some brand better than the all-time favorite Abuelita one- it is a question of personal taste.

Take it a step further, and try to create your own blend by combining several different brands. Why not? Life is an adventure!

● As far as the serving suggestions are concerned, we have a few of those prepared for you as well. If you want to remain faithful to tradition, stick to serving Mexican hot chocolate in rustic jarros- the old fashioned mugs made of clay. Of course, if you prefer the modern look you can use the fancy teacups or trendy mugs- the possibilities are almost endless.

You can serve and drink this hot drink whenever you feel like it, but if you want to do it the same as the Mexicans do you should know the following: Mexicans traditionally enjoy hot chocolate for breakfast or late dinner and combine it with sweet bread or marshmallows which they dip into the chocolate. It is also traditionally consumed during the Christmas holiday season and other special occasions such as the Day of the Dead.

● Are you lactose intolerant? Maybe you do not like milk. Whatever your reasons might be, you do not have to use milk at all; you can actually make the Mexican hot chocolate with water as well. After all, the ancient Mayans and Aztecs drank it that way too. They drank it without sugar too, so you can do that as well.

● Do you have an exceptionally sweet tooth? You can try different sweeteners to make your Mexican sweet chocolate even sweeter. White sugar is an obvious choice, but quite unhealthy as well. We recommend brown sugar or honey. Adding a little bit of high-quality Mexican vanilla will definitely make the hot chocolate more interesting without diminishing its authenticity.

● If you like things hot or spicy use a pinch of allspice, nutmeg or cloves. For a special zest and real hotness add a bit of good quality powdered Chile pepper such as chipotle or ancho. Do not overdo it though or you will be mouth-searing, and that is not the point, you just want to add an additional layer to the complex taste of this treat.

● Believe it or not, you can add some cheese to the Mexican hot chocolate too; this will take you into Ecuador or Colombia as it is a part of their tradition. Pour the chocolate into a mug and then add a spoon of cubed or grated fresh mozzarella. Do not forget to serve a spoon with this cheesy chocolate!

● Finally, we want to warn you not to expect a highly-sophisticated, fancy drink with a super creamy texture that you can find at the high-end cafés and chocolatiers. Quite oppositely, Mexican hot chocolate Abuelita is a drink made for enjoyment at your home- it will not wow you but rather make you feel comfy, like an old pair of wool socks knitted by your abuelita.

As far as the texture is concerned, Mexican hot chocolate is by definition rather liquid and grainy, not thick. However, this only adds to the rustic feel and look of this drink and makes the experience more complete.

The Italian hot chocolate is a rich and decadent beverage typically made with high-quality cocoa powder and melted chocolate.


If you want to feel like a part of the elite at the top of the social pyramid of Mayan and Aztec society, try the Mexican hot chocolate. Although those elites consumed a rather different version of this drink than the one we consume nowadays, you will still be pleased.

In any version, Mexican hot chocolate Abuelita will make a great cup of comfort during any time of the day and any season. In fact, chocolate is the best gift Mexico has given to the whole world-“seed of love and generosity”! We like to call the cup of the Mexican hot chocolate Abuelita a cup of love as it definitely warms the hearts of people who drink it.

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